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Forging Family
t Home and Life children's home, Sundays are free days.

Younger children swim in the shallow river and call up to the kitchen for Rassa “Mother Tai” Maneejak to watch as they jump from clumps of reeds into the fast-flowing water. Older children make their way downstream, clambering in and out as they search the jungle for bamboo shoots.

Lunch is served to whoever is there at the time – wet-headed children, visiting parents, volunteers and neighbors. Everyone gets a plate.

Home and Life began as a house to care for children orphaned by the tsunami, but its mission has since expanded to include children with one or more living parent unable to care for them. The founders’ purpose is clear: This is a family, not an institution.


Background More about Home and Life

Home and Life currently depends on the help of volunteers and money from private donors and institutional grants. Founder Niroot Maneejak is focused on making the children’s home self-sustainable. Currently, the children help bake muffins and cookies to sell at school for pocket money. Home and Life has a garden to help provide fresh produce. They are also working on developing a line of craft products to sell.

For more information, contact:

Niroot and Rassa Maneejak
12 Moo 6, Thai Mueang,
Phang-nga 82120

Article The Tsunami's Silver Lining

In the wake of the 2004 Asian tsunami, regional and international organizations swept into Phang-nga with funding and manpower. Individuals like the founders of Home and Life children’s home saw that the region’s need for assistance went beyond disaster relief. They saw the need for ongoing economic and social aid.

New organizations such as the Tsunami Volunteer Center arose and existing groups such as Kenan Institute Asia arrived to start projects ranging from improving water sanitation to creating sustainable tourism.

Some of the projects led to the start of new orphanages like Home and Life. The care provided by these new orphanages now meets needs that existed in Phang-nga before the tsunami and would likely remain neglected without the attention the tsunami attracted.

Fast Facts Tsunami's Impact
The following facts reflect the impact the tsunami of 2004 had on southern Thailand...

  • Orphans (one or both parents lost): 1,172 children
  • Families directly impacted:
  • Population indirectly impacted:
Home & Life

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