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I am Storm
isherman Phayu Santang was named after one storm. Another changed the way he makes a living.

Like many along the Andaman coast, Santang has been using a traditional long-tail boat for many years, making an adequate income fishing.

Then in 2004, the Asian tsunami left Santang’s village and many others heavily damaged and without adequate fishing resources. Many NGOs reached out to these communities and provided funding to repair boats and buy fishing gear.

But even with aid, fishermen like Santang are finding it difficult to catch enough squid, shrimp and crab to pay for rising fuel costs. Facing competition from commercial fishing boats and navigating unenforced fishing regulations, Santang must find a way to make a living after the storm.


Graphic Long-tail Boats

Long Tail Fishing Boat Repair Center and Pier

The Tsunami's Horror Haunts a Thai Fishing Village

Struggling for Survival


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