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Striking Heritage
ormer champion Paiboon “Go Toi” Tanakun is fighting for an ancient art.

In an open-air, concrete room in the southern town of Kapong, Tanakun spends his days teaching young boys the art of Muay Thai boxing – the national sport of Thailand. Demonstrating sweeping kicks and elbow attacks, Tanakun relives his national title moves that make him a hero in the eyes of those who mimic him to become champions.

Sakbantoon “Toon” Sutiprapa is one of Tanakun’s former students who understands the martial art’s spirit and technique. Now coaching Muay Thai also, Sutiprapa teaches others the beauty of the sport, rather than the business.

At different gyms, Tanakun and Sutiprapa battle to give Muay Thai a lasting heritage.


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History Muay Thai Boxing
The history of Muay Thai as told by former boxing champion Paiboon “Go Toi” Tanakun… The history of Thai boxing was during a time when I hadn't been born. Thailand and Myanmar warred with each other over land ownership, so we all lived together. At one time, some Thais were kept hostage by the Burmese.

A Burmese general set up a duel between Thais and Burmese. So Thais and Burmese were to box each other. But the Thais found a person who knew the art of Thai boxing and sent him to the duel. That man's name was Nai Khanom Tom [“Mr. Boiled Candy”]. He fought with eight Burmese. Eight against just one Thai man.

The Burmese used their martial arts. The Thai man used the art of Thai boxing. The Thai man beat them all. And so his style of fighting was called the art of Muay Thai. This story was handed down from generation to generation, from our forefathers until now. It became the legend of the art of Muay Thai.

Funbox Boxing Names

A boxer’s name reflects skill, style, technique, endurance and even masculinity. It is common to encounter boxers with names such as “The Golden Rocket” or “The Iron Diamond.” A teacher or elder traditionally gives names to boxers.

Usually a mix of an adjective and a noun, a boxing name reflects character or something sacred to the fighter.

To create your own Thai boxing name, select one adjective and one noun from the drop-down menus below.

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